The peak of performance

Amaris 1050rs

This is the SCHWIND AMARIS 1050RS

The SCHWIND AMARIS 1050RS is the world’s highest-performance eye laser system for refractive and therapeutic corneal surgery. It brings together the most advanced technology in existence. With its repetition rate of 1050 Hz and its unique 7D eye tracking, it offers unmatched speed, precision, and safety for laser eye surgery. The very fine 0.54 mm laser spot it shares with all SCHWIND AMARIS lasers further enhances the precision and smooth corneal modelling of this device. The swivelling laser arm provides maximum convenience for doctor and patient.

Amaris 1050rs

• The world’s highest-performance eye laser for refractive and therapeutic corneal surgery


• Unparalleled patient safety and comfort through extremely fast ablation of 1.3 seconds per dioptre*


• Unmatched precision through 7D eye tracking


• Uniquely broad range of applications with SCHWIND CAM


• Safe, gentle, and touch-free treatment withSmartSurfACE 


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More precise: 7D eye tracking

Treatment success is enhanced by SCHWIND’s proprietary active 7D eye tracker, which enables a unique level of precision. It is linked to the SCHWIND diagnostic systems and captures all eye motion (static as well as dynamic) during the procedure, for outstanding outcomes. 

During the procedure it precisely determines and compensates for the following eye movement dimensions:

  1. X-axis
  2. Y-axis
  3. Horizontal rolling
  4. Vertical rolling
  5. Eye rotation around the visual axis: static and dynamic cyclotorsion
  6. Z-axis: active compensation for upward and downward movements
  7. Time: latency-free tracking predictively compensates for eye movement during the interval between acquisition of the eye tracker image and the next laser pulse.


    Changes in pupil size are detected, and the laser is adjusted as necessary. In conjunction with the 7D eye tracker, this automatic function ensures correct centring throughout the procedure.
Seven dimensions eyetracker illustration

What do doctors say about Amaris 1050RS

Ophthalmic surgeons the world over trust use the products from Schwind. Here, some of them discuss their experience with SCHWIND technologies.