Lenticule extraction with the FEMTO LDV Z8

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The new Lenticule Applicaton by Ziemer is called CLEAR

Ziemer have developed their new application for Lenticule extraction. This application will be viable on their Z8 model in a near future. At this stage the application are CE marked but not released for the market. We at Cornea Medical will distribute the application for the nordic market and would love to tell you more about this application.

Benefit from various possibilities in faciliating the Lenticule separation and extraction. 

The advantages are:

  • Centration after docking
  • Trusted vacuum as known from all Ziemer systems
  • Guiding tunnels for easy Lenticule separation
  • Amount of incisions adaptable (1 experienced, 2 starter)
  • Patient-interface for multiple adjustment options
  • Intraoperative OCT (optional)
  • Proprietary scan pattern with overlapping spots
  • FEMTO LDV low energy concept

We hope to present more information about CLEAR very soon. Mean time you are welcome to contact us and we will tell you more about this bright new application.

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